Fish Care & Maintenance

Fresh Water Fish

Keeping fish can be a great joy for many people. Not only are fish interesting to watch, but it has been documented that watching fish will decrease your stress level! (Now how many pets can you say that about?!) With new technology, keeping fish healthy and the tank looking great is easier than it has ever been before. And the choice of fish is almost endless with new varieties and colors being produced every year.

Salt Water Fish

Keeping marine fish is not that much harder than keeping freshwater fish, as many people believe. It will just take some extra steps, like adding salt and checking the salinity level, and taking time when adding new fish. But imagine the rewarding experience of setting up your own miniature coral reef where shrimp and crabs can climb, corals can grow, and special rock called live rock can contain so many types of creatures that you’ll never know what you might see the next time you peer into your own underwater kingdom!

Aquarium Maintenance

Our experienced team of aquarium maintenance technicians can help keep your fish tank in excellent condition. Click here for more information about our aquarium maintenance service.


For the health of your fish, it is important that you choose the right fish food and maintain the correct feeding schedule. Our knowledgeable team can help you choose the food that is right for your aquarium, and give you advice on how often your fish need to be fed.

Care Information

Click here to download a care sheet for freshwater fish.
Click here to download a care sheet for saltwater fish.
Click here to download a care sheet for Betta Splendeni.
Click here to download our aquatic guide for children.

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