Be Hurricane Prepared with EzyDog

A Dog Flotation Device You Can Trust from EzyDog™

Quality is important in any product you use with your dog, but with a dog life jacket your pooch’s safety and even life could depend on it.  All of our dog flotation devices include the following critical features:

  • SUPERIOR FLOTATION – EzyDog™ dog life vests give your dog 50% more flotation while in the water
  • REFLECTIVE – as dusk starts to settle, the reflective materials ensures other people and boaters will clearly see your dog in the water.
  • EASY TO GRAB – the grab-handle on top of our life jackets make it easy to pull your pooch onto the boat or dock and out of the water quickly and safely.
  • ADJUSTABLE – neoprene straps make sure the fit is perfect to keep your guy comfortable and afloat no matter the circumstances.

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