KONG Play Spaces Rave Cave Cat Toy (All Sizes)


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KONG Play Spaces Rave Cave brings the fever to your cat’s Saturday nights – or any night or day! The crackling floor entices full-body kitty breakdancing, as motion-activated 90s techno beats start pumping and retro lights begin flashing, enticing your cat’s multiple senses. A shiny disco ball hangs from the ceiling, inviting batting & boogying. When the party’s over, easily fold up this tunnel and pack it away until it’s time to drop it like it’s hot again. Energetic cats will love this interactive tunnel for batting, stalking, pouncing, and partying. On/off switch gives kitties an option for silent and dark disco nights.

  • Multi-sensory disco-rave tunnel for cats
  • Motion-activated flashing lights and techno music
  • Crinkle floor & disco ball entice full-body interaction
  • Lights & music optional with on/off switch
  • Tunnel folds up easily for narrow storage
  • Bat-able Pawrty sign
  • 3 AAA Batteries included
  • Press controller: 1. for music and lights. 2. for lights only. 3. Off
  • Motion activated twinkling lights
  • Crinkly Disco Ball


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