2400 POND-MAG Pond Pump


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Available with 10-ft or 18-ft cord.

Suitable For Large to Extra Large Garden Fountains, Piped Statuary, and Ponds

Designed and manufactured using the latest developments in magnetic technology. Powerful ceramic magnetic impeller is the only moving part, which makes these pumps extremely energy efficient. Pumps can be used inline or submerged. Includes prefilter.

NOW With Limited 5 Year Warranty!

(Warranty excludes Impeller)

SKU: 02740 (With 10 ft. cord)

SKU: 02750 (With 18 ft. Cord)

• 3600 GPH Maximum Flow with a 24' Shut-Off

• Energy Efficient

• Ceramic Shaft

• Filled with Epoxy, Not Oil

• Pre-Filter Included

• 1" Threaded Inlet/Outlet

• Operates Submerged or In-line

• Choose 10' or 18' Grounded Power Cord