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  • Kit includes basic medical supplies for pets + people with minor injuries.
  • The kit will help with minor injuries, cuts, bites and stings.
  • Will help stabilize your pet on the way to the vet in case of emergency.
  • Convenient to keep in the car or put in your backpack.
  • Kit contains: 1-Instant cold compress, 1-Emergency blanket, 5-Adhesive bandages, 3-Triple antibiotic ointment packets, 5-alcohol prep pads,
  • 3-sting relief pads, 5-antiseptic wipes, 2-diphenhydramine tablets, 1- .5oz saline eye wash and skin rinse, 1-1oz. bottle of peroxide,
  • 3-3x3in sterile wound pads, 2-rolls of elastic bandage wrap, 2-rolls of vet wrap, 1-styptic pencil, 1-5ml oral syringe, 2-triangle bandages
  • 10-cotton tipped applicators, 1-wood tongue compressor, 1-pair of tick removal tweezers, 1-roll of adhesive tape, 1-pair of scissors, 2 pairs of glove

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