Thundershirt ThunderCap for Dogs


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The ThunderCap Calming Cap for Dogs

The ThunderCap is a behavior management aid for dogs designed to reduce a dog’s anxiety in stressful situations.  The calming cap reduces the visual stimulus that can make a dog agitated by filtering his/her vision.  Your dog will still be able to see, and can easily navigate their surroundings, however the sheer fabric reduces the amount of light / visual stimulation your dog receives, helping them to remain calmer in stressful situations.  

The calming cap is made of soft fabric and has an elastic fit with adjustable straps for maximum comfort for your dogs.  The cap is perfect for car rides, vet visits, grooming, travel, walks, meeting other dogs, and other events that might cause your pup to be anxious or fearful.

Please refer to our ThunderCap instruction sheet for more details.

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